Welcome to the Jeddah International media, satellite and cables expo … SATEX

The first and largest exhibition specialized in media and the latest media technologies with the participation of major global and local media companies.

SATEX is working to bring all those interested in media and its various tools under one roof.
It shortens the distance between manufacturers of media and its users. It is a unique opportunity for all media service providers and media makers to reach their target audiences in a wide and fast range.

The expo will be held on 17 until 19 September 2018 in the exhibition and conference hall at Jeddah Hilton Hotel … managed and organized by MBN Luxury Lines, the leading company with international expertise in the organization and management of exhibitions and conferences.

We are looking forward to meeting you, welcome again at the Jeddah International Media, Satellite and Cables … SATEX.

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Why the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents the largest economic power in the Middle East, being one of the world’s largest oil exporter in the world. The Kingdom is also characterized by its wide land with a population of over 27 million inhabitants.

Also, the Kingdom government has always sought to develop plans to diversify the economic base and sources of economic production. It is also still working to support private sector growth and enhance its contribution to attract foreign capital to support investment projects in order to reduce dependence on oil as a major supplier of the national economy, and to reduce the rate of unemployment, provide job opportunities for Saudi youth in the Kingdom, and to raise its economic and competitive power and position among the nations of the world… Now, its view of sustainable development has become an important strategic choice.

Given all the facts mentioned earlier, the international trade fairs held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have known a remarkable growth and a very unique demand from the various active participants in the private sector… and so the economic agreements have improved. Also, the necessary facilities and infrastructure and the necessary cooperation and continuous government support have all been provided for advancing the private economy forward towards success and prosperity.

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Some characteristics that make the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a very distinctive destination for showing projects, services and business ideas with effective economic impact:

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab Gulf country in terms of population and economic power.

  • The government growing interest in economic base diversity.

  • The private sector in Saudi Arabia that is considered a promising future for growth and development.

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’ experience in hosting huge numbers of visitors.

  • The government work on developing the private sector by encouraging the promotion of exhibitions and conferences.

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’ experience in hosting huge numbers of visitors.

  • The availability of high quality hotels in strategic and important sites.

  • The high growth in the Saudi gross domestic product (GDP)… and the Gulf and the Middle East in general.

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producer in the world.

  • The strong infrastructure in the national and international telecommunications and transportation.

  • Expecting a high economic growth in all economic areas, like the oil industry and energy.

  • The significant growth in academic institutions.



SATEX Expo 2018 will be covered by various Saudi, Gulf and International satellite channels.

SATEX Expo 2018 will be covered by a large number of news, press and electronic news magazines by news agencies from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and International… Four informational campaigns will be carried out about the work of the exposition during the Expo.

+ 200 ,000 advertising and reminder text message will reaching out mobile data across Saudi Arabia and GCC, through a specilized ADV Company.

More than 120 different Ad panel sizes will be used at the important places in Jeddah.

More than 2000 invitations will be sent to VIPs, managers and decision-makers.

Flyers will be printed and posted in some specific places ten days before the Expo.

More than 100,000 invitation will be sent to targeted business owners via e-mails to attend the SATEX Expo 2018.

A printed copy of the Expo official catalogue will be distributed with visitors for free. The catalogue will include all details about the Expo and exhibitors.


Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors showcasing:

  • The manufacturing of imaging equipment

  • Production and media broadcast.

  • Advertising techniques

  • Audio and lighting equipment

  • Internet services and connectivity

  • Engineering of social media applications

  • 2D and 3D Graphic design and software.